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MultExI is one of ten projects taking part on Google's Summer of Code program.
The participation requires a strict definition of all tasks and aims of each project. These tasks and aims will be defined below.
If you aren't intressted - just skip this page. ;)


Project title:
Development of a method to install Mozilla/Firefox extensions across multiple machines.

+ Easy to use and fast integrable server platform for distributing extensions.
+ Mozilla/Firefox client extension for automatic download and installation of defined extensions from server.
+ Depending on configuration, automatic or controlled cyclic update of all distributed extensions though extension- server.
+ Server will run on *BSD, Linux, Win32

+ Web based administration of server- platform.

+ Immediately start of conceptual work (estimated expense ~ 1 week).
+ Parallel development of client/server code.

The possibility of installing and updating extensions of a centrally used software may be interessenting (not at least for larger companies) for several reasons:

+ Minimization of the administrative expenditure of time.
+ Fast reaction to security problems.
+ Simplification of the establishment of system-far standarts.

About me:
My name is Ludwig Hunecke, I am 19 years old and currently I am visiting the 12th class of the Anne- Frank Gymnasium in Halver, Germany. For the time being I started programming in C/C++ when I was 13. Since that time I extended my knowledge particularly within the range Java (J2EE, J2ME, EJB, JNDI, JAX-RPC, SOAP, JNI), .NET, databases (MySQL, Oracle, Postgresql), PHP, PROLOG and system near development (Linux, *BSD, Win32), HTML/XML. I have participated in several commercial projects as a freelancer and now I am employed as an "helping out" software developer at a german IT company (

PS: Please excuse my late application, I have heard about "Summer of Code" just on tuesday and so I needed some time to inform my self and so on .. I hope it s not too late :)

The multexi project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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