About MultExI

The aim of the MultExI project is to create a method for installing Mozilla/Firefox extensions across multiple machines.
MultExI is one of ten projects taking part on Google's Summer of Code program.

Project plan

Date Description Accomplished Comment
09.16.2005 Implementation of Feature List 4 - -
08.20.2005 Complete development with a buffer for bugs and missing features. X -
08.15.2005 Test system on multiple clients. X -
08.14.2005 Implementation of feature list 3. X See feature list 3
08.11.2005 Finish first test phase. X -
08.10/11.2005 Implementation of feature list 2. X See feature list 2
08.05.2005 First code commit to CVS. / Status letter X See feature list 1
08.02.2005 Start of development. X -

Feature Lists

The following list shows the features that will be implemented in all steps defined in Milestones .
MSC : MultExI Client Component
MCC : MultExI Server Component

Feature list 4

General: MCC: MSC:

Feature list 3


Feature list 2


Feature list 1


The multexi project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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